PrePaid Card Casinos

In a world where you can buy and sell any good or service on the Internet, having currency that can be used on the Internet and converted into real money is a must. Whether you want to purchase that cute little handbag on a bidding site or order furniture from a large department store, an online payment account is a really convenient payment option.

How it Works

Since not everybody can afford to have a credit card, the system of prepaid cards is extremely useful and most of all, an affordable one. A prepaid card for online payments is basically a prepaid debit card. Prepaid debit cards have the advantage of being reusable. This means that every time your balance runs low, you can put money into the account again and continue using it. This feature leads the card to be also called a reloadable debt card/ reloadable prepaid card.

Top Casinos with Prepaid Cards

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Since only a certain amount of money is put into the account, the user can use only that limited amount of money. As a result, you have control over your spendings and basically the risk of overspending is kept to the minimum. As soon as you make a transaction by entering the card number, the money is deducted from your balance and the payment is made.

Depositing Funds with Prepaid Cards

When it comes to funding your casino account by using a prepaid card, you might be surprised at how many advantages you can get. First of all, once you complete the transaction, the funds should be available in your account in a matter of minutes and you will be enabled to start playing.

Depending on the casino you have an account with, you might get a bonus for using a prepaid card. In addition, prepaid cards help you control your spendings. You are not supposed to use all funds at once. Actually, most prepaid cards are valid for at least one year. Some of them do not even have an expiration date.

As for the process of depositing funds, it is not different from the other methods you have previously used. All you have to do is to log into your casino account and select the Prepaid Card as a preferred payment option.

Since the Prepaid cards are becoming more and more popular payment method, many prestigious casinos sell their own prepaid cards, which ensures the transaction will go smooth and you will be enabled to start playing right away.

Needless to say, you are not required to buy the prepaid cards offered by the casino. You can find them in supermarket chains and other retailers. However, you have to be careful as to what kind of prepaid card you buy. Some of them are funded with a fixed amount of money, while others enable you to set your own amount and ask the cashier at the store for assistance.


If you are looking for the safest payment option for funding your casino account, a prepaid card is exactly what you need. The transactions are absolutely risk free because no personal or bank information is shared. The prepaid cards are not linked to your bank account and therefore no confidential information is required, which basically makes them the safest method available up to now.