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When it comes to handling payments, bank institutions are definitely one of the safest ways to manage one’s transactions. To make payments and keep a track of one’s bank account easier, many large banks started offering the service of online banking. This way customers have the chance to manage their money, pay for purchases or utility bills in the comfort of their own homes.

When it comes to banks in Europe one of the biggest and trustworthy ones is Nordea. In fact, it is the largest Scandinavian financial group and it offers its customers easy and secure way to pay and withdraw funds, using the service of online banking.

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The bank which was originally based in Stockholm is moving its main office to Helsinki and is joining the Eurozone. This will not affect its current customers in a negative way but it will definitely contribute to better services for Nordea account holders. The bank is deemed as a major financial institution and it has earned the trust of numerous clients across 17 countries around the world.

Nordea presents its clients with plenty of convenient services which include an e-wallet, credit and debit cards, online banking and mobile banking. There are plenty of virtual players who are also relying on Nordea for managing their funds at online casinos. The online banking, or Netbank as the company calls it, allows fast and secure deposits which can boost one’s gaming balance in no time.

How it Works

In order to use Netbank, you will have to be a member of one of Nordea’s banks which are available at 17 countries around the world. In addition to the four Nordic territories – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – you can also find Nordea banks at Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, China and Singapore.

The service of Netbank serves as a mediator between a customer’s bank account and the bank account of a web-based vendor. This means that you can also use Netbank to transfer funds from your personal bank account to the interactive casino where you play for real money. When you opt for a Netbank account, you will be provided with Access Codes. Those codes consist of a user ID and a password that will allow you to log into your online banking account. There is also a one-time security code which is used for every payment and, in addition to that, users also receive a confirmation code that is utilized every time a transaction needs to be authorized.

There are three options to receive your Access Codes that will be used when you use your online banking or pay for services or purchases online. The first way is to download and install a code app that will generate Access Codes whenever you need them. This is a very convenient option as you can get codes anytime and anywhere and it is virtually impossible to run out of them. The codes app is available for both Android and iOS users and it can be downloaded from the companies’ dedicated app stores. A great tip for users is to install the code app on every smart device they own.

The second variant that users may utilize to get Access Codes is via a code calculator. This method is provided to customers who cannot use the code application. You can order you code calculator in Netbank or by contacting the customer support agents of Nordea. There is also the option to get the device from a bank from the Nordea branch. This is a very convenient way to get your Access Codes anytime you need one and due to its compact size, the code calculator is easy to carry wherever you go.

There is also the option of using a physical card with Access Codes printed down on it. However, Nordea will soon stop offering it. This is why customers of the bank are advised to switch to the calculator or code app before they have used the last code on their physical card.

How it Works


If you have an account at a Nordea bank, you will be able to apply for a Netbank account online. You will need to provide several things in order to become an online banking customer. Those include online banking codes from a Nordea bank, a passport or an ID that confirms your country of residence and your phone number. You will also have to be of legal age and have a good credit history in order to apply for the online banking service.

It will take one business day for your request to be approved and once the process is done, you will receive an SMS which will prompt you to log in to the online banking service. After you have joined Netbank, you will be able to utilize either the Basic package or simply choose to use the Access Codes and current account of Netbank. If you opt to use the Basic package, you will also enjoy Access Codes and a current account. However, in addition to these services, you will be able to make a use of a Nordea credit combination card or Nordea debit card. You will also have a PerkAccount which will allow you to manage your savings.

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Nordea Cards

In addition to its online banking service, Nordea is also issuing credit and debit cards that customers can use for various of their in-shop and online purchases. Depending on your needs, you can choose to use Nordea Gold, Nordea Credit, Nordea Debit or Nordea Electron. If you opt for using one of Nordea’s cards you can use them at virtual casinos which allow payments via Mastercard or VISA cards.

When you are initiating a transaction at a web-based casino, you can pick Mastercard or VISA as your preferred payment method and fill in the card details of your Nordea card. Since some online players may not find a virtual casino that accepts Netbank, using your credit or debit card by Nordea is a convenient alternative.

Nordea Cards

Nordea Gold

If you are using Nordea Gold, you will be able to pay for larger purchases. You can determine your credit limit and will be able to choose between a maximum of €500 or €10,000. These limits apply to customers who have applied for the card in Netbank. Nordea Gold cardholders will be able to pay for purchases below €25 as contactless payments. This will spare you the inconvenience of entering your PIN every time you are making a considerably smaller purchase.

This credit card comes with a travel insurance and Product Safety insurance which can ensure you a better and more convenient experience when you are paying for goods via Nordea Gold. The travel insurance is perfect for trips abroad and is active when 75% or more of the traveling and housing expenses are paid using your Nordea Gold credit card.

You can use the card in more than 200 countries and across 30 million merchants that accept cards by the brand Mastercard. Customers pay the interest only for purchases that have been left on credit for a period exceeding the due date. You can usually enjoy an interest-free period for about 30 days.

Nordea Gold

Nordea Credit

The next card by Nordea allows customers to use it both as a credit and debit card. You can choose the credit limit which can be between €1,000 and €5,000. If you are using Nordea Credit you will also have the chance to pay for services and purchases below €25 as contactless payments without entering your PIN. If you are using Nordea Credit, you will be able to pay no interest if your purchases are paid in less than 30 days. The card comes with a Product Safety insurance and can be used worldwide at merchants that accept Mastercards.

Nordea Credit

Nordea Debit

As a customer of Nordea, you can also apply for a debit card. You can use it to pay for purchases made at merchants all around the world that accept VISA-branded cards. You will not need to enter your PIN for goods that cost less than €25 since your transaction will be considered as a contactless payment. Even if you are abroad, you will be able to withdraw cash at ATMs that carry the VISA logo. If you register your card for online use, you can also utilize it for your virtual purchases.

Nordea Debit

Nordea Electron

Thanks to Nordea Electron, you will be able to be on top of your finances. Every Time you use your Nordea Electron for purchases, your account balance is being updated. For users who are under the age of 18 or are Check-in customers of Nordea, this card will be free. If you register it for online use, you can utilize it for making purchases on various websites that accept VISA cards.

Nordea Electron

Funding Casino Account with Nordea

If the interactive casino of your choice accepts deposits via Netbank, you will be able to boost your gaming balance in a hassle-free and fast way. In order to top up your casino account, you should head to the Cashier section of the gaming website. Then, you should pick Nordea or Netbank as your preferred deposit method. This will redirect you to a page where you will be asked to enter an Access Code in order to log into your online banking account. Depending on the country of your residence, you might be asked to provide additional information before you can log into your Netbank profile.

The next step is entering the amount you would like to upload to your gaming account and confirming all transaction details. In order to authorize the deposit, you will have to enter your confirmation code which is the final step of making the deposit via Netbank. The processing time will be very short and you will see your funds in your casino account in just a few minutes.

Usually, virtual casinos will not charge players additional fees for utilizing the service of Netbank for their deposits.

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Withdrawing Funds via Nordea

Unfortunately, at the moment, the service of Netbank can be used only for deposits at online casinos. This would mean that casino patrons will have to look for alternative methods when it comes to cashing out their winnings. If they wish to receive their casino funds to their Nordea bank account, virtual players might have to resort to a bank transfer or other withdrawal methods.

Withdrawing Funds

Advantages of Nordea

One of the biggest advantages that players will enjoy if they utilize Netbank for their casino deposits is the security of the payment method. As long as you are the only individual who can see your Access Codes, you can be sure that your money and personal details will be protected from any fraudulent activity.

Even if you have decided to use the online banking service via your smartphone, you can be sure that your money and any sensitive data will be protected with the latest security technologies. What is more, the mobile app has incorporated an additional layer of security by utilizing a fingerprint scanning feature.

What is more, by relying on Netbank for their casino deposits, players are entrusting their own banking institutions. This way they can be sure that their money is handled by Nordea and not some third-party company.

When it comes to managing one’s funds, it is natural to look for the most cost-friendly method. This is why Netbank is considered a great way to handle your casino deposits as the service does not impose additional charges.

Another important positive characteristic of deposits carried through Netbank is the speed of the process. You will be able to boost your gaming account as soon as you approve the transaction via the online banking service. This will allow you to play for real money at virtual casinos right away, instead of wasting your time in waiting for the processing of the deposit.

Nordea offers its customers a dedicated mobile application which can make their payments and bankroll management a lot easier. The app can be downloaded and installed on the majority of Android and iOS devices and can help players to boost their gaming balances at numerous mobile casinos that accept Netbank as a payment method.

The fact that Nordea is also issuing credit and debit cards, gives players more alternatives for funding their casino accounts. This way even if they are not allowed to use Netbank to boost their gaming balance, interactive players can use their Nordea cards and make fast and secure deposits.

Even though Netbank has incorporated the use of Access Codes in its payment system, there is nothing too complex about the online banking service of Nordea. This is why players will have no difficulty utilizing Netbank for their deposits at gaming websites.

If you are having trouble with your Netbank account, you can always contact the customer support of Nordea. The great thing about the bank’s website is that it is available in several languages which is very useful for different customers of Nordea. You can load the official website of Nordea in English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Even though running out of Access Codes and visiting your local bank for a new physical card with codes was an issue before, Nordea has come up with more convenient methods for generating Access Codes. If you download the code application or purchase a code calculator, you will never run out of Access Codes and will able to generate one anytime you need it.

Advantages of Nordea

Disadvantages of Nordea

Although Netbank is a very convenient payment method at interactive casinos, we cannot ignore some of the disadvantages of the service. The first, and probably the most important one, is the fact that Netbank cannot be used for withdrawals at gaming websites. This leads to the inconvenience of looking for alternative methods when you want to cash out your winnings. Even though this may not be an issue to some players, there are many casino members who are on the lookout for a payment method that can be used for all types of transactions.

Another lacking point is the availability of the service. While there are Nordea banks in 30 countries across Europe, Asia, South and North America, the Netbank payment option is mainly available at virtual casinos that accept players from the Nordic countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This leaves a lot of players with fewer deposit options when it comes to funding their gaming accounts.

Disadvantages of Nordea

Nordea on Mobile

One of the most convenient perks that Nordea customers can enjoy is the mobile application the bank is offering. Thanks to Mobile Bank, you will have the chance to make payments online, keep a track of both your transactions and your current balance, as well as manage your Nordea cards.

The mobile application is available to Android, iOS and Windows Phone smart devices. You can download it for free and it will give you a control over your funds wherever you go. You will be able to login fast using a permanent password and you will not need a code card to transfer funds from one account to another.

Thanks to Mobile Bank, you can do your daily banking, pay for utility bills and even make deposits at virtual casinos. The mobile app is constantly updated and one of its newest improvements allows users to use a fingerprint scan in order to log into their Nordea account. This further improves the security that the app is providing and helps customers feel safe even when they are managing their money on their smartphones.

In addition to the Mobile Bank app, Nordea is also offering a code app. This allows customers to generate as many Access Codes as they need, any time they have to carry out a transaction. By using the codes app, customers are guaranteed to never run out of codes.

Nordea on Mobile

Possible Fees Payers Might Pay

If you have applied for a Nordea card, you might have to pay some processing fees for the transactions you are making. For the fees that each Nordea card imposes, you can check the official website of the bank. There, you will find full information for each type of credit and debit card.

The great thing about some of the cards that Nordea is offering is that they allow an interest-free period of 30 days if you pay your purchase before the due date. If you are initiating a transaction in a foreign currency, you will have to pay a conversion fee of 2%. There is also a monthly fee of €3 for receiving Access Codes.

Possible Fees


When it comes to safety, Nordea definitely utilizes the newest and most effective security technologies. What is more, a lot of players entrust Netbank for their online casino deposits since the Access Codes system ensures an additional layer of security that other online banking service cannot provide.

In addition to the one-time Access Codes utilized by the payment service, the data transferred via Netbank is protected via an SSL encryption technology. This guarantees that casino members’ money and sensitive information are always kept safe and no one will have the chance to take advantage of them. The same encryption system is used if you are making transactions via the mobile application of Nordea. In addition to that, you can also make a use of the fingerprint scan feature if you have downloaded the app on your mobile device.

The Nordea cards come with a Product Safety insurance which gives customers an additional security when they are making purchases via their cards. This shows that Nordea provides a proper level of security for all of the services it offers.

Security Nordea