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From this page you will be able to find information about different casinos. When it comes to land based casinos we will for an example tell you which are the best casinos located in Las Vegas, and which ones you might want to annoy. We will for an example have recommendations about what are the best USA casinos online and what are the best places to signup if you are looking for massive bonuses or other great offers.

Even though we obviously tell you about the live casinos the main focus will without a doubt be on the online casinos – after all as you are now using internet you are more likely to be interested about the online versions. So lets start with the top rated online casinos. Below we introduce you three casinos that we can recommend to all the online casino players who are looking to get the most out of the time they spend playing at an online casino.

Top Online Casinos

Roxy Palace offers 100% up to 100 first deposit bonus.
You can give it a try for just $10 minimum deposit.
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2 offers 200% up to 1000 first deposit bonus.
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Top Rated Online Casinos:

Rushmore Online

Rushmore Online is one of the biggest and most reliable USA friendly online casinos. There are many reasons behind their success: for starters they have a toll free phone number for their customers form USA, they also run frequent reload bonus campaigns and have big jackpots in numerous of their games. Rating 9.4/10. Read more about Rushmore online Open rushmore online account.

888 Casino

This is a casino that has been online for more than a decade and is a backed by one of the worlds biggest online gambling companies. So when playing at the 888 casino you can rest assured that they are being treated fairly and well. Rating 9.2/10 Read more about 888 casino. Open 888 casino account.


This casino uses the same software as the 888 casino. So the only differences between these casinos come from things outside actually playing the casino games. It is a matter of taste which casino you prefer. LuckyAceCasino offers a slightly smaller first deposit bonus, but on the other hand they seem to have a slightly better customer service. Rating 9.1/10. Read more about LuckyAceCasino. Open LuckyAceCasino account.

online-banking-procedureOnline casinos have become one of the favourite destinations of many people who want to experience the thrilling gambling at home. You are able to play free games, but if you feel confident in your skills and knowledge, you can switch to real-money mode. In order to play the real deal, you have to purchase credits for online casino games.

You should be very careful which payment method you should choose, especially if you have little experience in depositing at online casinos. Gamblers are always looking for the best solution in order to make transactions in real time, because they do not want to waste any time in waiting. In addition, making deposits must be completely safe and secure, and it would be better, if the applied service fees are low.

A payment method which will meet your expectations is Direct Debit. Most online casinos offer this payment option, so you can put your trust in it. It is simple and reliable and gives you full access to your bank account.

What is Direct Debit

In a few words, Direct Debit is a command from you to your bank institution. It allows the online casino to collect money from your bank account, only after you receive a notice of the collected amounts and you give an approval. After that the money is transferred automatically. You are in full charge of your bank account, you can approve and decline transactions easily. This is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to make money deposits at online casinos.

Benefits From Using Direct Debit

Internet securityYou surely will benefit from using Direct Debit in order to purchase credits at web-based casinos. First of all, this payment method guarantees you safety and security. Direct Debit has three automatic protections: you will have your money back instantly, if an error occurs; you will have an advance notice, if the collected amount is changed; you have full rights to cancel transactions at any time.

This payment solution gives you a peace of mind, because your bank account and money are safe and secure due to the fact that every money transaction is carefully monitored by the bank institution you use. Direct Debit guarantees that you and your money are 100% protected.

Direct Debit will give you the opportunity to make online money deposits from your bank account at web-based casinos, therefore you do not have to wait at queues in institutions. It is much easier to do it online at your comfortable home. So another benefit from using Direct Debit is that the payment option saves you time and effort.

Making Deposits Using Direct Bank at Online Casinos

It is really simple to make a deposit via Direct Debit, you only need to follow a few steps. Firstly, you need to contact via phone, email or live chat the online casino you wish to play at and ask the customer support to send you a Direct Debit Instruction. You need to fill up some personal information (name, address, name and address of the bank you use, bank account number, bank’s branch sort code and name of the account). The online casino will update the details and after that it is authorized to collect funds from your bank account, if you approve the transactions.

You will be given a notice before the web-based casino you play at collects money from your bank account. After that you have to check, if the details are correct, then you need to approve the transfer and you are all set to enjoy the exciting world of gambling. All you have to do is to make sure you have enough money at your bank account.

Online Casinos Accepting Direct Debit

online-payment-methodPlaying at online casinos is a lot of fun and you definitely will excite yourself, if you play the real-money mode. The best option to purchase credits in order to play Internet casino games is using Direct Debit. It allows the web-based casino to collect money from your bank account, only after your confirmation. Therefore, you do not have to go to the bank to make money deposits, because you will do in online. You are in full control of your funds, you can approve and decline deduction of money at any time. Depositing is fast, it is absolutely safe, secure and you are protected by three significant lifeguards.

Many institutions and organizations accept Direct Debit as a payment method, as do web-based casinos. It is one of the most convenient and reliable alternatives to make money deposits at online casinos in order to play with real money. It is important that you and your money are fully secure and safe. Direct Debit guarantees you absolute protection, so you do not need to worry.

Most online casinos such as Eurogrand, 888casino, bet365, William Hill, Mansion Casino, Red Flush, Guts and others accept Direct Debit as a payment method. You can make instant deposits and start playing your favourite Blackjack, Roulette, Slots or Video Poker Games immediately.