Poli Casinos

POLi is an interesting system, offered by Centricom Pty Ltd, and allowing users to make online payments. It is predominantly used in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

The POLi system uses a direct connection between the bank accounts of the users and their online activities. Basically, once you sign up for POLi money transfer system and set up your account, it will be linked to your offline bank account. Any time you choose to purchase something on the Internet and decide to make your payment for the same using your POLi system, the money will be immediately taken from your bank account and wired online. The merchant will receive the funds in a short notice.

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The immediate availability of the funds is what has made POLi such a popular payment method. There is an almost instantaneous chain of movement and merchants are assured that they will get their payments properly. Even if it takes a few days for the money to reach the merchants the process begins almost immediately which helps the merchant establish a relationship of trust with the client and authorize the release of the sold product/ service.

Consumers pay directly from their online banking accounts without having to share any personal or financial information while merchants don’t have to worry about faulty payments or a high fee.

Creating an Account with POLi

POLi is connected directly to your bank account, which means you do not need to create an account and remember yet another password. Payments are quickly processed and the procedure is simplified.

However, merchants who want to process payments with POLi are supposed to create an account.

Depositing Funds

If you opt for POLi as a preferred payment method, you will not be required to possess a credit card. Transactions will be proceeded without the checkout procedures most customers are used to. If a merchant wants to receive funds via POLi, they have to create a special POLi Link and send it to the other parties as a payment request. When customers click on the link and follow the instructions, the transaction is completed. It is important to know that the money transfer is charge free.


Choosing POLi as a reliable method for online payment means that the transactions you initiate are protected by the Banking Faculty you use. Your bank does not disclose confidential information to third parties, even POLi’s staff. POLi does not keeps any usernames or passwords. Plus, it always checks the SSL certificate of the bank as well as the thumb prints in order to avoid misunderstandings and frauds.