iDebit Casinos

iDebit is one of the newer payment methods used to process financial operations in international web-based casinos. Still, it is not a regular payment method, but more like a gateway service that is used as a connection between the player’s bank and the online casino, as well as a regular e-wallet.

The payment system offered by iDebit can be used for both deposits and withdrawals internationally, as long as the online casino chosen accepts the payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.


Currently, iDebit is one of the most-preferred money transaction methods when it comes to online casinos. It has a bunch of advantages that make it different from other payment methods:

  • all personal and banking details are encrypted
  • transferred funds are available immediately on the player’s account
  • the payment method’s specific features guarantee that the player receives the funds immediately
  • no need using a credit card

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What are the fees players should consider?

Apart from being absolutely safe, fast and reliable, the payment method used by choosing iDebit is also free of charge. Players need to be aware of the fact that creating an account with iDebit, as well as processing payments with the system by using the funds available in their iDebit balance, is absolutely free of charge.

Still, some of the services are charged a small fee, which is considerably lower in comparison to the taxes of other payment systems. When it comes to making a payment from online banking, the fee amounts to $1.50, while transferring money from the player’s iDebit balance to their bank account is estimated to $2.


In order to make online money transactions through iDebit, players need to first register an account. Every casino has a certain variation of registering an account and making a deposit, but signing up for an iDebit account has never been easier.

So, in order to set up an account, a player needs to go to the service’s website first and click on the register button located at the top right. Just follow the instructions and the registration will be complete in a couple of minutes.

Players are also provided with a list of banks that are compatible with the iDebit payment method service, and there is also a filter by country, which is to make players easier.

Once the player has finalized their registration, they are required to verify their bank account by connecting it through the payment system of iDebit.


iDebit easily solves all issues related to transferring money from one account to another, as acting as an intermediary between the player’s bank and the online casino.

In other words, the customer is actually allowed to make the bank payment request by using the iDebit website instead of directly applying for one from the bank. This basically means that the player’s bank only sees the iDebit money transaction as the money transfer gets through.

The depositing process has two parts. First, the player needs to set-up their iDebit account, and then comes the deposit itself.


Making a withdrawal of the player’s money is also easy. In addition, players are usually attracted by the fact that money transactions carried out through iDebit are quite fast and reliable. The only setback is the payment service is primarily available to players residing in the countries in Europe, but the method is also available to customers fro Canada, China, Japan and South Africa.


iDebit is also preferred as one of the most secure payment methods, as the system really takes care of its customer’s safety. The information collected from the players is not sold, shared or rented in any way by iDebit, and is also protected by encryptions, which do not allow to any third parties to reach any personal or banking details.