Online Casino Deposit FAQ

We realize that majority of the visitors that come to Casino Deposit are completely new to online casino gambling, or at least haven’t played much for real money. For that reason we have created this little FAQ that will give you some basic information that you need when making your deposit to an online casino. For more information you can use browse our news and articles and use the search feature from the news section.

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How do I make a deposit to an online casino account?

Open a casino account. If you don’t have an account yet you can open one for an example at the BetUS casino. Open BetUS casino account. Select a deposit method from their casino software when you are logged in. Follow the easy instructions.

How do I know which deposit methods are accepted by my casino?

Every bigger casino has list of the deposit methods they accept on their home page. If you are unsure about something simply send them an email – or contact them in some other way.

What are the most popular casino deposit methods?

The most popular way to fund your casino account is by using credit and debit cards. For an example Visa and Visa Electron are extremely popular methods. Other popular methods include for an example bank transfer and e-wallets.

What is an e-wallet?

E-wallets are in a sense online bank accounts. The most popular e-wallet services at the moment are PayPal, MoneyBookers and Neteller. You can add funds to your e-wallet account for an example with credit cards, bank wire transfer and then use the e-wallet account to transfer the moneys to your online casino account.

What is a pre-paid card?

Pre-paid cards can be purchased from numerous locations across the globe, an example of a prepaid card is for an example the PaySafeCard. After you have purchased a card of certain value (for an example $50) you login to your online casino account, select the card as your deposit method and give the required information. The prepaid cards are especially hand for the people who for some reason cant use credit cards or bank transfer for adding money to their account.

Is depositing to an online casino account safe?

During the several years that I personally have been playing real money casino games online I have never run into any troubles, including any site trying to scam me or anything like that. This isn’t to say that nothing bad couldn’t happen, after all you might be hit by lightning.. But overall I believe that playing and depositing at online casinos is safe. One simple advice that will greatly reduce the risk of anything bad happening is this: play only at the well known casinos.

We do our best to advertise only to mention the industry leading casinos on this page. If you are just starting to play at a new casino one easy to “test them out a bit” is to send them a rather simple question by email and see what they answer, how they answer and when they answer. The big casinos usually reply you quickly, professionally and most importantly with the correct information.

What is the smallest amount I can deposit to my casino account?

This depends on the casino you are playing at and the deposit method you are using. However, most of the min. deposit is between $10 and $50.

What is the biggest amount I can deposit to my casino account?

Some casinos have deposit limits for new players, these limits are usually around $500-$1000 and most of the time they will remove the limits if you just contact their customer service and tell them that you want to deposit more than that. Majority of the casinos don’t have deposit limits even for the new players, so you can deposit as much as your bank, credit card company etc. allows you to.