Casino Etiquette

When you are visiting a land-based casino for the very first time, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the customs and culture of the casino. There are several unwritten rules that all casino players should adhere to in order to help everything run smoothly. We are going to look at some casino etiquette that will keep you on the good side of the other casino players, as well as the casino dealers, pit bosses and employees. By using proper casino etiquette, you should be able to experience a far more enjoyable time when hitting the casino.

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When you are playing at the casino, you need to leave all of your personal problems at home. Everybody has their own personal problems that they deal with on a daily basis, and you do not want yours to flow onto the table at the casino. People go the casino to enjoy themselves and win money, so if you’re having a bad night don’t take it out on the other players at your table or the dealer.

When you are playing games at the casino, it is customary to tip the dealer. Dealers often rely on tips for most of their income, so you should try tipping when you are winning. Whether you tip after every hand you win or whether you tip once every time the dealer leaves the table, it’s up too you. Most dealers will work 30-minute intervals at one table, so you can tip a dealer once every time they leave if you choose to do so. Dealers always remember the players that tip them and it could help you out in the future.

Before you jump into a seat at a table when in the casino, you should always make sure that nobody else is sitting there or that nobody else is betting that seat. Sometimes players will bet multiple seats on a table and you do not want to jump into a seat when someone else is betting it. Generally, you should just ask the dealer if the seat is open or not before sitting down.

When you are buying into a game you should never throw or hand your money to the dealer. In order for the dealer to take the money, you need to lay it down in front of you. After the current hand/round, the dealer will take your money and give you your chips. Dealers are never allowed to take money that is handed to them.

Try not to get to drunk if you are known to become loud and obnoxious when you are drinking. Most people drink a bit when they are playing at the casino, but you do not want to overdo it. Many people are not drinking. Thus, you do not want to ruin their time because you are acting out of line due to alcohol. There are always lots of bars and clubs surrounding casinos, so you should save the drinking for the club as much as possible.

Most casinos will offer all of their players free drinks such as water and pop. You may need to pay for any specialty and alcoholic drinks, but the other drinks are free. You should always tip the waiter/waitress when they bring you your drink though.