Casino Terms

Whether you’re playing in an online casino or land based casino, it’s important that you know the popular casino terms that people use at the tables. If you don’t learn the casino terms players and dealers use, then you’re going to have a hard time following what people are saying at the tables. You may also find that understanding the definition of popular casino terms will help you when you’re trying to learn more strategy about the different casino games. Often, players will use casino terms when sharing tips and strategies with other players. Below is a list of the most popular and common casino terms that you should become familiar with.

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Action/Bet/Wager – Terms used to describe when you’ve gambled money on an outcome.

Bankroll – The term bankroll is used to describe how much money you have for gambling.

Betting Limits – The term betting limits refers to the posted minimum and maximum bet set in place for any given game that you play.

Cage – The cage is a guarded area in the casino where players go to buy chips and receive cash for their chips.

Card Counting – The term card counting is used to describe the act of counting cards while playing blackjack in order to lower the house edge against the player. Blackjack card counting.

Comps / Comps Program – A comps program is a program run by the casino. Its sole purpose is to reward loyal players in the casino with gifts such as food, tickets, coupons, accommodations and much more.

Freeroll – A freeroll or freeroll tournament is a game that is completely free to join. The casino will also add a prize pool into freeroll events so that the winners earn some real money without ever spending any.

High Roller – The term high roller is used to describe a player that bets a lot on every wager they make. Often the high rollers will play casino games in a back room inside the casino.

Payline – A Payline is a term used to describe any winning line on a slot machine.

Progressive – The term progressive is short form for progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases every time someone plays one of the linked tables/machines until somebody wins it.

Session – A lot of players will use the term session to describe a certain visit to the casino. For instance, I might say I just got back from playing a three hour blackjack session.

Shoe – The term shoe is a term used to describe the cards left in play. For instance, a player might say they just finished setting-up an 8-deck shoe over at the blackjack table.