Roulette Online

Whether betting red or black, inside or outside – gamblers looking to bet the wheel can play Roulette online or at a live casino. There are many advantages to playing Roulette online as opposed to taking a trip to the casino. Dictating the pace of the game, flexibility in tracking statistics, and the ability to multi-task while playing Roulette are just a few of the many compelling reasons to play Roulette online.

Best places to play online roulette

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Dictate your Own Pace

Unlike playing Roulette in the brick and mortar casino, when you play Roulette online, a roulette player can play at their own pace. Instead of waiting on all the bets to be placed by slower players, an online Roulette player can click and start the ball in motion at will. Additionally, an online player of Roulette can slow the game down.

Track your Stats

As live casinos, roulette players may find it both difficult and against casino rules to log the outcome of the wheel into a computer or blackberry for tracking purposes. When playing Roulette online, a player can freely track the outcome of the wheel in an effort to identify trends in the wheel.


Yet another great benefit of playing Roulette online is the ability to do multiple things while hitting the roulette wheel. In addition to betting the wheel, an online roulette player can play online bingo, craps, and slots all at the same time. Time and location restrictions make doing such things while playing Roulette at the casino all but impossible and would require a roulette player to have the ability to be in multiple places simultaneously. A roulette player can even play online poker at the same time he is wagering on the Roulette wheel. Online Roulette is quite flexible in allowing many things to go on while playing the Roulette game.

Auto Rebetting

When playing Roulette online, a player can make the same exact wagers with a simple push of the button. When playing Roulette in the casino, a player must physically place chips on the desired betting areas of the Roulette table. An online roulette player has the luxury of clicking the rebet button, at which time all bets will be replaced at the exact amount as the last spin.

Playing Roulette online is convenient, and can be done without making a trip to the casino. Online roulette allows players to focus on other casino table games and activities in addition to the actual roulette game.

Direct Debit is one of the best payment solutions for casino players, because it offers security, convenience and allows for fewer expenses and quick management of funds from the comfort of their homes. It enables players to gain direct access to their personal bank accounts and funds, via online banking.

Direct Debit gained greater popularity in the late 90s, since more and more people opted for paying their utility bills or transferring funds via online banking. Its popularity among casino players continues to increase because Direct Debit is recognized as a safe and reliable payment option. The number of casino operators, which accept it as a payment method grows.

How It Works?

Simply put, Direct Debit allows players to authorize their bank to allow another company, an online casino for instance, to withdraw funds from their bank account. In order to use it and make payments, without having to leave your home, you’re required to open an online banking account with the bank, the services of which you’re using. This enables you to manage funds from your bank account over the internet in a hassle-free way. Once you’ve created an online banking account you can transfer money from your bank account to that of the casino you’re playing at.

You can also make transfers from your bank account via telephone or over the counter, by visiting your bank. Money can be transferred into and out of your casino account from your designated bank account. All you’ll need for the purpose is providing your bank details, name and address.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Direct Debit

A number of online casinos accept this payment solution as a method for both depositing and withdrawing funds to and from players’ casino accounts. It’s very simple and convenient to use. Players, willing to make a deposit to play their favorite roulette variations, should visit the casino’s Cashier menu and select Direct Debit as their deposit method. The next step is filling your banking details and specifying the amount you wish to deposit. The money will then be transferred from your personal bank account to that of the casino.

Withdrawals can be conducted in the same manner, only in this case, your winnings will be transferred from the casino account to your personal bank account. You can withdraw them with your debit card or over the counter any time you wish.

Different fees may apply, depending on the bank you use to access and set up the Direct Debit. The fee may also be based on the amount of money, you wish to transact.


Direct Debit offers exceptional security and allows for quick and safe transactions to and from players’ bank accounts. No information regarding your transactions is shared with any third parties in the process, since you’re not required to open an account with other payment processors. Banks that accept authorizations to pay direct debits, closely monitor the transactions. So in a way, it’s safe to say you’re protected by your own bank.

Besides, players who use Direct Debit, are provided with a Guarantee. Even though errors rarely occur, players are entitled to a complete and immediate refund of the sum, that’s been transferred from their bank account without their knowledge or permission. They’re able to keep track of all transactions to and from their bank account via their online banking.

Furthermore, players get the chance to cancel a Direct Debit they have set, whenever they choose to do so. The process is simple, but make sure you don’t put it off till the very last minute. To cancel a payment, you need to notify your bank first – either by phone or over the internet (or in person, if it’s suits you better). However, in some cases a written confirmation may be required for the purpose. To cancel the payment, some information, concerning the bank account holder’s name and their account number, must be provided.

Direct Debit Roulette

Roulette’s origins can be traced back to seventeen-century France but the game quickly spread out throughout Europe and North America and today it has become one of the most recognizable and exciting casino games in the world.

The game’s objective is simple – players must correctly predict on which number and color the little ball is going to land when the spinning wheel comes to a stop. Many players, beginners especially, are fascinated by the game, as it’s relatively simple to play, while the rules are easy to follow. The simple the rules of a casino game, the greater the edge of the house is and the same applies to roulette as well. It’s most of all a game of chance, but with a proper betting strategy and some dexterity, players can tip the scales in their favor and increase their chances of winning.

Roulette fans can make deposits via Direct Debit to play their favorite game as it allows for higher deposit limits. Players can decide what amount they wish to deposit and how often to do it. If you’re enthusiastic about roulette and wish to put the wheel in motion after you’ve funded your casino account with Direct Debit, you can try your luck at 32Red, Roxy Palace, William Hill, Eurogrand, Casino Cruise and Betway. All of the aforementioned operators accept Direct Debit as a method of payment and offer appealing bonuses as well as a wide range of high-quality virtual roulette games to choose from. These include multiple versions of American, French, Multi Wheel roulette and many more.