Best Roulette Tips

While roulette is widely considered a game of chance because there is no way to ensure or increase the likelihood that the roulette ball will land on a particular number, there are various strategies that persons can use to lower the house’s edge. These particular and invaluable strategies are exactly what is discussed below.

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One of the best tips in regards to increasing a person’s chance at winning roulette is to always play the European version. This is because the house advantage is significantly smaller when playing with this version of the game. The American version not only has a zero but a double zero which increases the house advantage to nearly double that of the European version. It drops from 5.26% (American) to 2.63% (European).

Another roulette tip is to take advantage of the en prison rule whenever a person makes an ‘even money bet’. This allows individuals to take a portion of their initial bet back when the ball lands on a 0. This means that a person only loses half their bet and not the entire thing. If a person uses the en prison rule while playing European roulette, the house advantage goes down to 1.35% which is a great deal smaller in statistical terms than the normal 2.63% house advantage.

Another great tip is to stay away from bad bets. There are certain bets that have an extremely high house advantage. Avoid these. One such bet is a 5 number wager which includes 0, 00,1, 2 and 3. The house edge on this bet is 7.89% which is extremely high. It is also not a good idea to make single number bets. The chances of winning are extremely slim. Wagering on red and black is a good and the odds are fairly attractive.

Another tip is to avoid guaranteed systems. There are some people online that promise to have a “secret” system that can financially wipe out the casinos and rack up big roulette paydays. If that were true, they probably would not be mentioning it in a book that casinos, both online and off-line, would have access to. They would simply close these secret loopholes. Don’t waste your money or time with such systems. Sure, there are strategies that can help reduce the house advantage make sure that you implement those. However do yourself a favor, put your credit card away and refuse to fund the lifestyles of these online shysters.

It is important to understand that while roulette is largely a game of chance, utilizing specific strategies can make a world of difference and can help improve a player’s odds. Be sure to implement the above strategies and lower the house advantage.