Martingale Roulette System

While there are many betting systems one can employ when playing roulette, the Martingale system of betting is among the most common and popular roulette betting systems. It can be used in both the American roulette and the European roulette. The Martingale system is a method of betting in which the bettor doubles his bet after each loss, until the bet has a successful outcome. This method of betting relies on the user to chase down his losses simply by doubling the amount of money wagered. Once the bettor achieves a successful outcome, the bet count is returned to the original amount. The Martingale method of betting is most appropriately used in bets that pay even money. Thus, in Roulette, Martingale is ideal for betting odd/even, high/low, and/or red/black bets.

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How to Employ the Roulette Martingale System of Betting

To utilize the Martingale System in Roulette betting, a bettor will start out wagering a single bet. For the purposes of this example, we will bet black. The first spin of the roulette wheel requires a single bet on black, in order to use Martingale in its true form. If black occurs on the roulette wheel, we are paid out even money on our bet. We repeat the single bet and await the results.

In the event the ball does not fall on a black number, we lose our single bet. In the Roulette Martingale system of betting, we must now double our bet. Thus, we place two bets on black. Two is obviously double the amount of one bet. If a black roulette number occurs on this bet, we collect our winnings and return our betting to one chip. If this bet fails, we know that under the Martingale system of Roulette betting, we must double our bet, which would then bet four units or chips.

Roulette Martingale System Payouts and Profit

In the Roulette Martingale System of betting, the payout for each bet placed is even money. If crunching the Roulette Martingale numbers, you will find that each successful bet results in a net profit of one unit, which is the size of the bet we make in starting our Martingale System Progression. Thus, if we lose six bets consecutively, but win the seventh, we end up profiting by one betting unit (one chip in our Roulette Martingale example).

Roulette Martingale System Problems

While every betting system has its flaws, Martingale’s system of betting is no different. The Roulette Martingale system of betting relies solely on the final bet to have a successful outcome in order to work effectively. However, there is no guarantee that this is the case. It is possible for the roulette wheel to work against our bets an infinite amount of times. Though the laws of probability suggest this is highly unlikely, it is possible for such a thing to occur.

Moreover, because we are required to double our bets after each loss, there may be times where doubling our bet may cause us to exceed the Roulette table’s maximum bet. Should this occur, the system of betting is broken – as we lack the ability to exceed the table maximum.

Thus, under the Roulette Martingale system of betting, there will be instances where we will walk away at a substantial loss from the Roulette table. To prepare for this unfortunate, yet inevitable loss – be certain to plan your betting strategy around the allowable table stakes.