European Roulette

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European Roulette Wheel

The European Roulette wheel has thirty-seven spaces, which are all numbered and colored. The numbers range from one to thirty-six, and contain a single zero. The single zero is colored green, while half the numbers on the European Roulette wheel are colored red and the other half have black coloring. The reason the zero is green on the European Roulette wheel is that this number is a neutral number. It is neither even nor odd, and pays neither red bets nor black bets.

European Roulette Bets

There are several types of bets one can make when playing European Roulette. Each type of European Roulette bet has a specific payout. Description of the European Roulette bets and payouts are as follows:

Outside Betting in European Roulette

Outside bets in European Roulette casino game are broad, blanketing bets, which cover a series of numbers. Payout is low for outside bets in European Roulette when compared to the rate of return for inside betting.

Red/Black Bets: Betting on the colors Red or Black in European Roulette is speculating on which color number the ball will land. This bet pays even money in European Roulette.

Odd/Even Bets: This bet in European Roulette is on whether the number the ball lands on is odd or even in value. The odd/even bets pay even money.

One through Eighteen/Nineteen through Thirty-Six Bets: This bet speculates on whether the ball lands on the lower half or higher half of the European Roulette wheel. These bets pay out evenly.

Dozens Betting: This bet speculates on whether the ball comes to rest in the first twelve numbers, the second twelve numbers, or the upper twelve numbers. Dozen bets pay two to one in European Roulette.

Column Betting: Column bets are on which column of numbers the ball will come to rest on, and pays two to one. Each column has twelve numbers, and while similar in nature to the dozens bet, the columns are not sequentially ordered.

Inside Betting in European Roulette

Inside betting in European Roulette is more specific in the predicted outcome. Because the bets are more specific in nature, the potential reward and payout is generally higher.

Straight up Number Bet: Betting on a number straight up in European Roulette pays 35 to 1, and relies on a single number to come in to pay out.

Two Number Split Bet: This bet is spread between two numbers on the betting area, by placing your chip on the line of two separate numbers. Payout for the two number split is 17 to 1, as theoretically a bettor has a half chip wagered on each number.

Street Bet: The street bet covers a row of numbers. There are three numbers in a row for European Roulette betting. The betting chip is placed at the end of the row. Payout on the street bet is 11 to 1.

Corner Bet: A corner bet is a wager on four numbers in European Roulette. The betting chip is placed on the intersecting corner of the desired four numbers. Payout for the corner bet is eight to one in the event one of the four numbers comes in.

Line Bet: The line bet encompasses six numbers. This bet is placed by setting your chip at the top and in between two rows. Payout for a line bet is five to one.