Blackjack Faqs

What is the value of each card in Blackjack?

In a Blackjack game, the Ace can either be an 11 or 1. You get to determine its value based on your needs. Cards 2 to 9 are taken at their face value. Therefore, a 2 will be worth 2. Every face card in the deck will have a value of 10.

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What are my playing options?

As the game progresses and you are dealt cards by the dealer, you will have different options. You can stand which simple means that you are happy with the cards you have and would not like to be dealt anymore. You may also ask the dealer to ‘hit’ you which doesn’t mean you are inviting physical violence but that you want to be dealt more cards. You can continue with this until you either bust or are ready to stand.

Doubling is always an option. When you only want one more card, you may double your bet in exchange for it. You can only do this after your first two hands have been dealt and perhaps after you have received two cards after a split. In order to split, your first two cards must be of equal point value. Splitting simply means to make two hands out of your initial hand. You will have to make an additional wager that is at least as large as the first one. It is often possible to split up to 3 times, though this will depend on where you play.

It is also possible to surrender. If after receiving your first two cards, you don’t believe that you have a good chance of winning, you can surrender and forfeit your cards and 50% of your bet. Both early and late surrender are options.

Which strategies should I never use?

While there are definitely very good Blackjack strategies, there are also some very bad ones. These are the ones that you obviously will want to avoid because your chances of winning while using them are slim and not acceptingly so. There will likely be some debate about whether or not a particular strategy is good or not. What we think stinks someone else might think is the best strategy ever. That’s fine, we can agree to disagree. Instead of telling you which strategies to use, let’s discuss what strategies you shouldn’t use.

The Never Bust Strategy: Some people might suggest that you never bust. We are not one of those persons. The never bust strategy has a house edge of about 3.91%.

The Always Mimic the Dealer Strategy: This is another bad strategy that is sometimes recommended. Imitating the dealer would mean that player stands on a 17 and hits on anything less than 17. They would not be able to split or double. The house edge playing according to the dealer’s rules is a whopping 5.48%.

The Always Assume That There is a 10 in the Hole Strategy: This is the worst strategy of them all. The house edge is a ridiculer 10.03%, a terrible bet that should never be made.