Video Poker

Over the last few years, Video Poker has considerably increased its presence on the online gambling market thanks to the fact that more and more online casino customers find it attractive. As a matter of fact, the great interest towards the game is based on the fact that video poker is undoubtedly a game that can help a player make a winning, unlike a large number of other games.

The game of video poker is often considered too complicated to understand, but as a matter of fact, it is a game of simplicity. Players make their bets, after which they are dealt a total of five cards. The strategy each player follows is strictly individual.

Up to date, there is a great number of video poker variations. A large and respectable contemporary casino may offer more than 100 different variations of video poker games.

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What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is currently considered one of the most-used payment options in online casinos because it is fast, convenient and totally safe. This payment method is very much alike the regular bank transfer and its popularity is constantly increasing due to the fact that Direct Debit is a reliable, quick and risk-free way to deposit and withdraw money to and from the player’s Internet casino account.

Sometimes, the services provided by Direct Debit may vary according to the country where the customer originates from. In addition, the list of the countries this payment option is available is constantly being expanded and it is expected to be implemented over the entire Singe European Payment Area.

As already mentioned, Direct Debit is working very much like a regular bank transfer do. In other words, when customers use the method for making money deposits in their online casino accounts, the amount of money they would like to deposit is transferred from their bank account to the online casino.

Deposits and Withdrawals Using Direct Debit

Once players are ready with the set-up of their account, they can make a deposit to the online casino they have chosen to place their wagers to. Deposits are carried out instantly, as the amount of money is transferred directly from the user’s bank account to their online casino account.

Two ways to set-up an authorization for making a money transaction by using Direct Debit are known. The first involves only the payee and the payer, and the second involves the payer’s bank, too. When the transaction is carried out between the payer and the payee only, the payer is required to authorize that the payee can collect the amount of money needed from the account. In such cases, the payer has the right to instruct their bank to return the transaction if there is an error or some kind of a dispute.

When it comes to the other case, when the payer’s bank is also directl involved in the process, the authorization is related to the payer’s permission to the bank to honor direct debit from the payee. Then, the payee is notified by the bank that the transfer can be carried out.

The transactions are carried out in a risk-free and secure way, because all personal and financial details of the customers are kept private and are not revealed to anyone.

Casinos that Accept Direct Debit

Over the last decade, the online casinos have become more and more focused on providing their customers not only with high-quality gaming options, but also with maximum convenience and safety when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals within their websites.

Up to date, Direct Debit is among the most-preferred payment methods in online casinos, because it guarantees quick and secure transactions, not to mention the fact that operating with the option is really easy. Some of the most reputable and reliable web-based casinos that offer Direct Debit are, 32Red, Europa Casino, Royal Panda, Casino Cruise, etc.