Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker is a variation of video poker where the 2’s in the deck are wild. This means the 2’s can stand in for cards of any denomination or suit in making your hand in this video poker game.

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker plays under standard draw poker rules, where you may throw one or all cards in and draw from the deck once. The goal of deuces wild video poker is to make one of the following hands:

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Royal Flush – Top five cards in the deck (Ace through ten) of the same suit (250 to 1 payout, 800 to 1 payout when playing max coin)

Four Deuces – a hand possessing four 2’s (200 to 1 payout)

Wild Royal Flush – A royal flush made by way of one or more 2‘s (200 to 1 payout)

5-of-a-kind – five cards of the exact value with the help of a single 2 or multiple 2’s (15 to 1 payout)

Straight Flush – five consecutively valued cards suited the same (9 to 1 payout)

Quads – four cards of the exact value (four queens, or four nines, for example). This hand can be made with or without the help of a two in deuces wild video poker (4 to 1 payout).

Full house – A pair plus 3-of-a-kind (with or without the help of the wild 2‘s) (4 to 1 payout)

Flush – Five same suited cards naturally or by way of a number of deuces in conjunction with suited cards (3 to 1 payout)

Straight – five numerically consecutive, unsuited cards. Straights can be achieved naturally or with the help of deuces (2 to 1 payout).

Trips – three cards of the exact numeric value (1 to 1 payout)

When playing deuces wild video poker, you will notice most hands have consistent and predictable payouts, though payouts vary from casino to casino, so be sure to check the pay charts prior to playing deuces wild video poker. However, when getting a natural royal in deuces wild, you will notice the rate of return increases significantly in most versions of deuces wild video poker.

While the payout is 250 to 1 when playing 1-4 coins, playing the maximum allowable coins results in a higher payday of 800 to 1. Thus, be certain to play for max coin when playing deuces wild video poker.

Also worth noting in deuces wild video poker – because you are not playing against an opponent or the house, optimal draw poker tactics is not profitable. For example, when dealt a hand of “garbage” in draw poker, it might be wise to hold the ace and draw 4, as the ace has some showdown value. This is not the case in deuces wild video poker, as the benchmark is trips or better. As a result, a deuces wild video poker player is best served holding cards showing potential for multiple draws and/or cards that have made a hand already.