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Online slots are becoming increasingly popular at the casino rooms. Slots are already the most popular game in the land based casinos and it has been like this for a very long time. Over the years, slots have become a lot more modernized and they have changed significantly since the days of the classic three slots. Now you will find great slots with special payouts and jackpots that you can win. Every single day there are people winning thousands of dollars playing online slots. Some slots offer payouts in the millions and although this is rare, there have been players that have won over $1 million from slot machines in the past.

Best places to play online slots

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When you are looking to play online slots it is important to choose your casino carefully. You want to choose a casino that has loads of interesting games, also it is better if they are frequently adding new slots to their site. Also you might want to choose a casino that has big jackpots, lot of nice features and great betting options.

TOP 3 Online slots sites:

1) Cherry Red Casino

This casino has the biggest amount of slots that we have seen anywhere. You can find lot of interesting themes and games, and bet between 5 cents and $125 per spin, thus it is a great place to play both penny slots and the high roller slots. They also have big jackpots in many of their games as well as they offer a nice first deposit bonus. Cherry Red Online Slots

2) Lucky Ace Casino

This casino doesn’t accept players from the USA. For others this is a site worth trying. They have lot of different types of slots. For an example you can find exciting standard slots in which the jackpot is often above $1million. They are also home of the marvel themed slot machines. When you make your first deposit they give you a nice bonus. Click Now!

3)Slots Oasis

The name of this site really tells it all. Slot oasis is a casino especially created for the people who simply love to play slots online. Best of all when you start playing they will give you a massive first deposit bonus. Slots Oasis – Get 400% Signup Bonus

Types of Slots

Standard Slots– Standard slots are three reel slots that have one payout line only. The standard slot machines are thought of as the classic slot machines.

Multi-Line Slots – Multi-Line slots offer the player a chance to play three reel slot machines, but with multiple payout lines instead of just one.

· Five Reel Slots – Nowadays five reel slots are easily the most popular type of slots. Five reel slots have tons of themes, payout lines, bonuses, jackpots and much more. Most slot machines that you will find being built nowadays are five reel slots.

· Bonus Slots – Bonus slots can be offered on both three reel and five reel slots, although they are more popular on five reel slots. When you play a bonus slot machine, you will often be able to trigger a bonus round where you can earn special bonus payouts, jackpots and other prizes.

· Progressive Jackpot Slots – Progressive jackpot slots are the most popular type of slots in land based casinos and online casinos. A group of slots are synched together and every time a player plays a coin in one of the grouped slots, the jackpot will go up in value. The jackpot will continue to go up until someone wins the jackpot. Progressive jackpots are where the big money is made and where you will have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars and in some instances over a million dollars.

Over the years, there have been many different slots built for online casinos and land based casinos. Slot machines are always built around popular themes in our society such as sporting events, sport teams, celebrities, cartoons, games, movies and television shows. One of the reasons why people love playing slots is because the great graphics that they offer players. With new themed slot machines being offered on online casino platforms every month, you will always have new great slots to play.

Slots rely solely on luck, but one thing you want to do before playing slot machines online is finding out the payout percentage of the online casino. Try to find an online casino with a slot machine payout percentage of around 99% if possible so that you can have the best chance of making money. The better the payout percentage is the better chance you have of breaking even or making money while playing slot machines.

Playing online casino games with real money requires to make deposits, but choosing the right payment alternative may be a difficult decision. The web-based casinos offer a lot of solutions which makes it ever harder to decide which payment option is the best. If you are not fond of using Visa or MasterCard, you better consider choosing direct money transfer such as Direct Debit. It is one of the most reliable and safe ways to purchase credits at online casinos.

Slots are one of the oldest and most popular games. It is simple-ruled, thrilling and if luck is at your side, you may win a lot of money. You can enjoy a great variety of high quality online Slots, which are based on cartoons, films, books, TV shows and landscapes. The realistic sounds, colourful backgrounds and high-definition resolution will make you forget that you are playing online. The Internet casinos, where you can play Slots, will offer you generous welcome bonuses, promotions and high jackpots. You can easily start gambling and make deposits via Direct Debit.

Making Deposits in Order to Play Slots

When you decide that you have gained the required experience to play slot games with real money, it is time to choose the payment method. Direct Debit should be your first choice for many reasons. It is a payment option that gives authority to the online casino to collect money directly from your bank account, only after you receive a notification of the collected amount and confirm the money transfer. The best part is that you have absolute access and charge of any transaction. You are the only one who can confirm and disapprove deduction of funds.

Direct Debit is one of the easiest and most convenient options for making money deposits in order to play different varieties of the exciting slot games. You have to login to your online casino account and choose Direct Debit from the cashier menu. After that you need to enter your bank account details and once the casino authorizes you and approves the requested amount for depositing, you will be able to purchase credits and start playing immediately.

Advantages of Depositing via Direct Debit

You will definitely be satisfied using Direct Debit for purchasing Slot credits, because it offers many advantages. It is significant to be sure that the payment option is absolutely safe and secure. Direct Debit offers three protections. Firstly, you are guaranteed that your money will be brought back immediately, if there is an error. Secondly, if the amount of the collected money is changed, you will be notified and, thirdly, you are able to cancel transactions at any time. Moreover, you do not need to worry about any money collections, because every transaction is monitored by the bank institution you use. You are 100% safe and secure, if you use Direct Debit.

Most often banks do not charge any fees for making direct transfers, unlike e-wallets, prepaid cards and money online transfers, which makes it the most economical payment solution. Not to mention that you do not need to wait on queues and waste time in banks. Therefore, you will save time and many headaches.

In conclusion, Direct Debit is reliable, completely secure, safe and fast payment method. It has many regular clients all over the world, which are absolutely satisfied with the perfect service it provides.

Where Can You Use Direct Debit and Play Slots

Playing Slots at online casinos is exciting and pumps your adrenaline to the limits. Of course, you need to be very careful which payment method you should use to make money deposits. The most reliable solution is to purchase credits for Slots via Direct Debit. The options is 100% safe and secure, fast and simple.

Most online casinos accept Direct Debit as a way for purchasing credits to play Slots. Slot games are one of the most favourite ones and you can enjoy different varieties, both classic and modern, at almost every casino on the Internet. 888Casino, Casino Cruise, Europa Casino, Betway, Mansion Casino,, 32Red, Roxy Palace and many more should be your must-stop destinations for playing Slots and purchasing credits via Direct Debit.