Casino Bonus

If you have played only at the “real” casinos the concept of casino bonus might be new to you. Due to the fact that there are thousands of casinos on the internet the sites have been forced to figure out a way to get new players to sign up to their site and the old ones to continue playing. What they came up with is known as a casino bonus. Now when you sign up at virtually any casino on the internet you will be given a bonus when you start playing there. The most common bonus is 100% up to $XXX. What this means that if you for an example deposit $100 they will give you another $100 after you have wagered a certain amount in their games. Some casinos also offer reload bonuses. They are exactly what they sound like: They will give you a bonus when you reload money to your casino account.

The best online casino bonuses:

Top Online Casinos

Roxy Palace offers 100% up to 100 first deposit bonus.
You can give it a try for just $10 minimum deposit.
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2 offers 200% up to 1000 first deposit bonus.
You can give it a try for just $20 minimum deposit.
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In our opinion the Cherry Red Casino offers at the moment the best online casino bonus. With your first deposit you will get a 100% up to $377 bonus and with your second deposit a 100% up to $400 bonus. They also offer lot of other promotions, so even after you have cleared the bonuses it might be worth playing at the Cherry Red Casino. Cherry Red Casino – Get $777 Free Bonus.

Casino Bonus Tips:

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is: You should read careful the terms of conditions about the casino bonuses if you are after getting good value. Especially the free play offers are quite often deceiving.

Don’t go after the biggest bonus amount: Quite often it is better to play at casinos that offer smaller $/€/£ value bonuses, but which are much easier to clear and get. Don’t try to scam the casino: The casinos are doing you a favour by giving a bonus so don’t try to scam them by for an example opening a second account.